Occasionally we will have a retired adult. A retired adult is a cat that was once a working cat in our breeding program as either a Sire or Dam, and who has now been spayed or neutered and ready to enjoy the rest of their life as a household pet. Our working cats generally work for anywhere from 1-3 years before they are retired. We retire our working cats early so that they can enjoy the life they deserve after contributing back to the preservation of the wonderful Ragdoll breed.

UPDATED: March 2020

We do not have any retired breeder adult cats available at this time.

Our two up and coming retired breeders will be Rags2Riches Stormi of RusticKittens (Seal Bicolor) and RU*EriaPro Unique of RusticKittens (Seal Lynx Mitted). They will be spayed mid-April and mid-March respectively, and available for their new forever homes a month after.


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