• do not take early deposits.

  • do not do pick lists by deposits received.

  • do not do pick lists by order of joining the waitlist.

  • do not negotiate pricing for the highest bidder on kittens.

So how do I reserve a kitten from you then?

Step I: Join the Waitlist

Join the waitlist here and follow us on Facebook and Instagram. Photos and videos of our current kittens are posted to our Facebook and Instagram weekly so that everyone can track their progress and development. You can follow a particular kitten by remembering that kitten's name and keeping an eye out for photos and videos identifying that kitten by name.


We will post the kittens on our website when the kittens are around 10 weeks of age. At that time, you can reserve online on our website. The link to the page where our kittens are posted will be sent out via email to everyone on our waitlist (this is why you should join the waitlist).

Step II: Watch for the Reservation E-mail

Once our kittens are close to 10 weeks of age, we will send out an e-mail to everyone on our waitlist with an update of kitten availability, the date and time that we will be posting the kittens on our website ("Reservation Day"), and the link to the page on our website where we will post the kittens. All reservations are done online through our website.

Step III: Reserve On Our Website

On Reservation Day, click on the link in the email and access the reservation page on our website where our available kittens will be posted. Follow the steps below to reserve the kitten that you have been watching for the past few weeks:


Step IV: Sign the Adoption Agreement

Once we receive a notification that you reserved through our website, we will begin (1) the public records background search to ensure that you have not been charged with or convicted of any animal welfare violation to include abuse, neglect, and abandonment; and (2) drafting the Adoption Agreement. You will receive the Adoption Agreement via email that day, so please bear with us while we complete these steps after you reserve online.

Every adoption is contingent on you passing the public records background search and signing the adoption agreement and returning it to us within 72 hours of receipt. If neither of these are satisfactory, deposits will be immediately refunded less a $25 cancellation fee, and the kitten will become available again to our waitlisters.

By adopting one of our kittens, you are agreeing to our policies set forth here: Adoption Policies. About a week before the reservation period opens, you will receive an e-mail from us containing a draft of our Adoption Agreement. PLEASE READ THE ADOPTION AGREEMENT. Adopting one of our kittens means that you are promising to provide a forever home, that you will not re-home this kitten to a pet broker, kitten mill, laboratory, shelter, rescue, etc., that this kitten will be an indoor-only cat, that you will provide for the necessary care and maintenance of this kitten for his or her life, and practice responsible pet ownership, that you will quarantine the kitten immediately, take the kitten in for an exam, that you will not declaw this kitten / cat or subject him or her to unnecessary medical procedures, etc. All of our contract provisions are there to provide maximum protection for our cats in ensuring that they go to responsible and loving homes. Additionally, the contract sets forth the shipping terms, payment terms, deposit terms, under what circumstances you may receive your deposit back if you elect to cancel the agreement (yes, we do permit cancellations because we want our kittens to go home where they are wanted, and yes your deposit will be subject to a cancellation fee if you change your mind -- so please don't commit to reserving a kitten if you cannot commit to providing him or her a Forever Home). 

Note: Once you reserve your kitten, I will e-mail you the Adoption Agreement. You will have 72-Hours from receipt of the Adoption Agreement to sign the Agreement after you reserve your kitten. If you do not sign the Adoption Agreement in the 72-Hour period, we will return your deposit less a $25.00 cancellation fee, and the kitten will be made available for reservation to our waitlist subscribers again.

Step V: Prepare for the Kitten's Arrival

  • By the time you reserve your kitten, he or she will be ready to come home to you in about 2-3 weeks (at a minimum of 12 weeks of age). This gives you approximately 2-3 weeks to get ready for the arrival of your new family member.

  • Shipping / Delivery. Start thinking about how you want the kitten to arrive to you. 

    • Option 1: You may pick-up the kitten from our home in Concord Township, Ohio.​

    • Option 2: We can deliver the kitten to your home if you live no more than 30 miles away from zip code 44077.

    • Option 3: We can drive a maximum of 2 hours to meet you and deliver the kitten to you. The delivery fee under this option is $30.00/hour assessed on a round trip basis (e.g., 1 hour there to meet you is $30 and 1 hour back is an additional $30).

    • Option 4: Utilize a pet courier delivery service. I have used pet couriers frequently when delivering or importing cats from all over the world. The couriers I will work with will fly with the kittens in-cabin with them. I do not ship kittens by cargo. There are many couriers out there that may be able to deliver to your nearest airport, subject to their availability. Their fee is typically around $550 +/- for domestic deliveries. If you are utilizing this option, you will need to find your own pet courier. At your request, I may assist you in finding a pet courier. Many pet flight nannies can be found on Facebook searching for "pet flight nanny." It is preferable to use one that is USDA licensed, or someone who has good references/reviews.

  • Supplies. Start getting your kitten supplies together: toys, cat trees, etc. A list of our supplies can be found --> HERE.

  • Find a Veterinarian. Veterinarians tend to book up weeks in advance. Start looking for the veterinary that you want your kitten to be seen at. Our contract requires that the kitten be seen by a vet within 72 hours of you taking possession of the kitten. Anticipate a delivery date at 12 weeks of age, and make your appointment around then.

  • Prepare the Quarantine Area. The contract requires that the kitten be quarantined for no less than 72 hours after you take possession of the kitten. The quarantine area may be a place such as a bathroom and should be a well ventilated area. It should be big enough that the kitten has a litterbox, food and water bowls, bed, and some toys in the area, but small enough that the kitten can't run all over the place and 'get lost' trying to find their new litterbox. 

  • Research Local and State Rules. Different states and localities have different rules on vaccination requirements and whether or not a cat must be registered aka "licensed" in that jurisdiction.

  • Final considerations. Think about what you want to name your kitten. Once you register your kitten, you cannot change the name with the registry. Also, be sure to prepare all household members on the incoming of your new addition. 

Step VI: Pay Balance

  • Pay balance

    • If you utilize Options 1-3, you may pay the balance before arrival or at the time of arrival. We accept PayPal, Cashier's Check or Cash. We do not accept personal checks.

    • If you utilize Option 4 (pet courier), balances must be paid in full no later then 48 hours prior to flying. We do not enter into agreements with pet couriers. We may assist you in getting quotes from pet couriers, but the final decision is up to you to contact the pet courier, pay their deposit and sign their agreement, and notify us of the date and time that you and the pet courier have agreed to, to have the kitten transported. 

  • Arrange delivery day

    • Coordinate with your family members, jobs, etc. It is best to be able to be at home all day the day the kitten arrives.

Step VII: Bring Your Kitten Home

Congratulations on the new addition to your family!​ Be sure to quarantine him or her right away. The calm environment will help ease some of the stress your new kitten is under due to travel and the transition to a new home.

Bring your kitten in to his / her first exam.

Register your kitten with TICA or CFA using the registration form in the kitten's folder.

Send us an update on how he / she is doing! We love hearing from our adopters and seeing pictures of how our kittens are doing!


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