We do not place breeders (cats with breeding rights) often. We work primarily with families in placing our kittens in family homes as forever pets, but we also support the Ragdoll breed and maintaining and improving the breed. In order to be considered for one of our cats with breeding rights, you must be actively registered with a registry association, in good-standing, breeding to established standards, and practice similar policies as us (early spay & neuter, no declawing, no outdoor living, etc.). We have strict contractual restrictions when placing breeding rights.

UPDATED: February 2020

We do not have any breeder quality or show-breeder quality cats available at this time.

We may have some available in June / July from a past pairing that produced beautifully marked babies last litter, and we are hoping for the same quality type babies again <3. We may be open to trading to exchange lines as well. Thank you.

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