We are registered with The International Cat Association "TICA" & the Cat Fanciers' Association "CFA." We ♥ the Ragdoll breed and we strive to promote and maintain the Ragdoll breed standards. 


Please remember: We are not commercial breeders. We do not have "business hours." We do not have staff on hand. We do not have a "facility" for you to see or visit. Our home is not a pet shop to window shop for a kitten. Our cats and kittens are raised in our home with us and our pet German Shepherds as part of our family. Our love for our cats are seen through the placement of our kittens into your family home ♥


Hana has been our family pet since she was 8 weeks old. She is a 8.5 year old purebred German Shepherd Dog. She was born in 2011 in California and played a significant role with a local German Shepherd rescue organization providing socializing and pack skills to other rescue German Shepherd Dogs during our two-year volunteer commitment to the rescue. 


Jax has been our family pet since he was 8 weeks old. He is a 6 year old pedigreed purebred dark sable German Shepherd Dog from Czech working lines. He was born in 2014 in Maine, and while his parents earned their Schutzhund IPO3 titles, Jax went on to personal protection dog training. He takes his job of protecting our home very seriously while simultaneously being the most affectionate cuddler of the entire furry bunch.


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